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Welcome to Optimal Car Detailing, A Mobile Detailing Service

Here you will find all the information you need to keep your vehicle looking it’s best.


Steam Cleaning
Optimal Car Detailing uses steam to kill bacteria in your vehicles interior. Steam removes tough stains on the interior surfaces and clears out bad air and particles from the ventilation system to let the system run clean and fresh again. Steam simultaneously cleans and sanitizes your vehicle. The combination of heat and high pressure results in a superior clean and is completely safe on your vehicles surfaces.

Exterior steam cleaning removes stubborn dirt and grime without any harm to the vehicles paint leaving windows free of streaks.

Steam cleaning is 100% environmentally-friendly with no chemical use and very little use of water (4 litres per car on average).

Customized Packages / Pricing
Optimal Car Detailing offers a wide variety of packages from the Enhanced Detail package to a more basic maintenance package to keep that new car feel. Our pricing is competitive, but our results leave a more lasting impression. Optimal Car Detailing package pricings are all inclusive with no extra hidden costs.

Importance of Detailing


Ultra Violet Treatment
Some odors are stubborn. Ultra Violet air purifiers eliminate nasty odors like smoke, mildew, and bacteria.

Protecting Leather Seating
Over time, body oils and dirt leave stains and can damage and affect the longevity of your vehicle’s seating surfaces. Debris trapped in the seat crevices can damage the stitching and slowly wear at the leather. Proper cleansing with ph-balanced cleaner and leather conditioner ensures your seats will always look like new.

Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning is more than just a surface clean. Hot water extractors and steamers penetrate all the hard to reach area of your vehicle to ensure 99% contaminate removal.


Removing Damaging Paint Contaminants
The exterior care of a vehicle is just as important as the interior. Vehicles are thoroughly washed with ph-balanced soaps using one mitt for the upper areas and dual sided wash mitt to remove more stubborn grime from the lower sections of the vehicle. The use of a two-bucket systems ensures that only clean soapy water is applied to the vehicle. Specialized sprays and degreasers remove contaminates embedded in your vehicle’s paint. After a thorough hand wash, the vehicle is inspected to see if the paint requires claying.

Scratch and Swirl Removal
Swirls or “webbing” caused by repeatedly running vehicles through automated car washes can be corrected. A clay bar, compound process with a two-stage polish will remove swirls and “webbing”. Then a polymer sealant or carnauba wax is applied to the surface giving your vehicle a deep, wet-look and long lasting protection.

Paint Coatings / Nano Technology
Technology is constantly evolving and advancements in the car care industry offers advanced paint protection for your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Nano technology coatings transfer particles from one surface to another creating inseparable bonds between the vehicle’s painted surface and the Nano coating.

Long lasting durability of the Nano coating protects your vehicle from UV damage, natural contaminates and resistance to light scratches. They give your vehicle high gloss look and a clear glass finish.

Permanent protection for expensive leather seats and instrument panels act as a protective barrier repelling liquid and dirt from your vehicle’s interiors. Spills can be wiped cleaned instantly leaving your vehicle unharmed.

Ongoing Protection
To keep your vehicle looking it’s best regular maintenance is important. Bi-weekly washes, vacuums, annual shampooing, cleansing and conditioning leather will ensure your vehicle always looks new. Optimal Car Detailing takes great pride in caring for vehicles. Contact us today for packages and pricing and take the worry out of caring for your vehicle.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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